Storytelling With Heart Tour

• Tell Remarkable Stories •

You will learn more in the first 2 hours of the workshop than you have in 10 of the combined workshops you’ve taken in the past. They genuinely want to stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.
— Kelly, Dallas
There aren’t any other workshops like this.
— Gary, Hollywood
I learned more in eight hours with Stillmotion than in four years of film school.
— Kyle, Phoenix
Learned half a career’s worth of filmmaking knowledge in one day with Storytelling With Heart . Going home to find my inner Sven.
— Ryan, Denver
My mind is blown, my heart is full, and my mind is racing. #storytellingwithheart is the best workshop I’ve ever attended.
— Chris, Denver
Storytelling With Heart is a workshop that is so rich with storytelling process content, it’s like drinking from a fire hose.
— Bob, Phoenix

The world opens up when you tell a remarkable story.


Join the emmy-award winning Stillmotion team for a workshop experience like no other. An all day class plus an in-the-field shoot.

Only 40 seats per city for a personal, interactive experience.


We love great stories. We believe there should be more of them.

What Storytelling With Heart is all about


Clients you love. Collaborative passion. Work you believe in.

This is a world on the other side. The one we find when we tell a remarkable story.

But where is the secret? Where is the key to telling amazing, memorable, heartwarming stories that move others and inspire?

The truth is, the secret is not in the camera. It's not in any fancy new tool. Cameras don't tell strong stories. People do.

In the way you leave your fingerprint on the shutter, your eye behind the lens, and your mark on everything that makes your story move.

The real value in your work is your approach to your craft.

Storytelling With Heart is a set of approaches. Approaches you can place in your toolbox for inspiration and variety. Approaches to empower you in bringing a story to life like you never have before. 

We created this experience to bring people together. To bring these ideas to the ground and put them into practice right away. Every workshop will be a custom experience based on the stories your group wants to tell. We will brainstorm and discuss concepts with stories that are unique to you.

Imagine being in demand because you are memorable and moving. Because this you are.

Imagine working not because you have to, but because you love it.

Because you deliver with passion and technique.

Let’s collaborate. Let's defy the rules and bend the rest. Let's change the way we approach film and along the way bring remarkable stories to life.

Each workshop includes the opportunity to join Stillmotion and the Story & Heart team for an in-the-field shoot the day following the workshop. Try the gear (Movi, C100, 1DC, lenses, and more), ask questions, and get a chance to shoot with filmmakers in your area.

Storytelling With Heart was like eating your favorite dessert. The structure they have developed, how they’ve broken down the process of channeling ideas…was one of the most motivating days I have ever experienced. I will be looking at my work in a whole new way.
— Jim, San Francisco
The workshop yesterday was phenomenal! A light bulb clicked in my head and made me rethink the way I do things. I was actually in a rut trying to figure out how to start my film but I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel like I can start. You not only taught me in the most fantastic and inspiring way I know of, but you made it friendly and fun and your passion was contagious.
— Nerinna, San Francisco