Storytelling With Heart Tour

We've taught some special brands. And inspired on incredible stages.

Join the emmy-award winning Stillmotion team as they travel through Australia this July, 2015 for Storytelling With Heart and the 2 EVO Experiences.

Storytelling With Heart is a one-day classroom style workshop for up to 100 attendees. It will show you how to unlock the magic of story through an 8-step patent pending process, MUSE. 


The EVO Experience is a 3 day, around the clock, filmmaking intensive where 12 filmmakers will produce, direct, shoot, edit, and deliver films for 2 local non-profits during the course of the experience. You'll be one of six filmmakers on a team with a Stillmotion team member (Patrick & Joyce). EVO registration includes a seat in Storytelling With Heart to get a proper foundation before the experience.


Watch The Storytelling With Heart Trailer.

You will learn more in the first 2 hours of the workshop than you have in 10 of the combined workshops you’ve taken in the past. They genuinely want to stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.
— Kelly, Dallas
There aren’t any other workshops like this.
— Gary, Hollywood
I learned more in eight hours with Stillmotion than in four years of film school.
— Kyle, Phoenix
A MUST for any kind of storyteller. The workshop gets to the deeper levels of what can take a good story and make it great.
— Colin

Hear about Gwyn's life-changing experience attending EVO.

As a self-taught filmmaker, the week I spent at EVO has been the most significant and important thing I’ve done to improve and enhance my storytelling skills. What I learned at EVO has transformed my approach to storytelling, which has opened doors to capture compelling stories across Latin America.
— Matt Love
EVO was seriously one of the most memorable weeks of my life.
— Cameron Magee