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Thank you for all who joined us on the Storytelling With Heart tour through the past few months as we traveled from city to city through out the United States.

As we set up our upcoming tour through out the rest of the world, we want to leave you with just some of the things people said about the tour.


You will learn more in the first 2 hours of the workshop than you have in 10 of the combined workshops you’ve taken in the past. They genuinely want to stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.
— Kelly, Dallas
There aren’t any other workshops like this.
— Gary, Hollywood
I learned more in eight hours with Stillmotion than in four years of film school.
— Kyle, Phoenix
Learned half a career’s worth of filmmaking knowledge in one day with Storytelling With Heart . Going home to find my inner Sven.
— Ryan, Denver
My mind is blown, my heart is full, and my mind is racing. #storytellingwithheart is the best workshop I’ve ever attended.
— Chris, Denver
Storytelling With Heart is a workshop that is so rich with storytelling process content, it’s like drinking from a fire hose.
— Bob, Phoenix