Muse Asia Tour

Craft stories with intention. Engage and move your audience. Confidence and clarity in every decision. 

Learn the patent-pending Muse storytelling process.

Join Stillmotion in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia this Nov-Dec, 2015.

I am blown away ...I was hooked within minutes. If you want to deepen your understanding of how stories work, check out this program.
— Alex Buono, DP of Saturday Night Live

The 1-day Muse starts with a a deep dive into what 'story' truly means along with the 4 Pillars that story is built on; People, Places, Purpose, and Plot. You'll gain a strong understanding of story and a repeatable process for bringing your videos to life, whether you're in weddings, documentary, or commercial filmmaking.


The Muse Masterclass is a 3 day, hands-on, filmmaking workshop where you join Patrick and Joyce from the Stillmotion team in the field as we tell a real and remarkable story from beginning to end. You'll be part of the crew as we craft an episode for our original web-series The Remarkable Ones.

You will learn more in the first 2 hours of the workshop than you have in 10 of the combined workshops you’ve taken in the past. They genuinely want to stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.
— Kelly, Dallas
There aren’t any other workshops like this.
— Gary, Hollywood
I learned more in eight hours with Stillmotion than in four years of film school.
— Kyle, Phoenix
A MUST for any kind of storyteller. The workshop gets to the deeper levels of what can take a good story and make it great.
— Colin