Marketing For Tattoo Artists & Removal Clinics- The Secret Formula

It’s no secret that interest in body art, including tattoos, has exploded in recent years. people all across the globe are visiting tattoo parlours and studios in unprecedented numbers. This is good news for tattoo artists – and bad news. the good news is that there are potentially more customers, the bad news is that competition has got a lot more cutthroat.

So how does a tattoo artist make sure that he or she is noticed and stands head and shoulders above the competition? Sure, marketing has some universal laws and all businesses should follow but it also varies a lot depending on the industry and the people you are marketing to.

For example, if your main customer base tends to be younger, your marketing messages will need to be completely different than pitching to an older audience. Depending on the age and other similar factors, your marketing message needs to be tailored accordingly.

tattoo artist

The truth of the matter is that marketing for tattoo artists is based very much on classical marketing strategy. However, this is a lifestyle product based on visual appeal and creativity. This doesn’t mean that classical marketing theory cannot be applied.

The visual nature of tattoos means that the tattoo artists best marketing weapon is to get their most impressive creations onto a medium which draws the most eyeballs. There can be no argument that today this is the Internet and that the social media is the best way to attract interested parties to a website where a gallery can be located. Due to this increase in tattoo culture, as one might expect, there has also been a rapid increase in tattoo regret and thereby, tattoo removal clinics have sprung up all over.

The use of the social media has numerous advantages of traditional marketing such as fliers and brochures and even print advertising. it is extremely good value for money and with some easy to learn approaches it can be highly targeted geographically – the same as those previously mentioned marketing methods, but usually at a fraction of the price.

Of course, there is one old-school marketing approach that no tattoo artist can afford to ignore. Signage and examples of work in the shop window. Some research has shown that a fairly large proportion of those who get tattoos base their actions on a  spur of the moment decision. It also works great to attract your local residents and people around the area.

If you are operating a tattoo removal clinic, that is a slightly different market and although you are appealing to a similar audience, your marketing message should be different. instead of your creativity, you need to be focusing on the thoroughness of your removal techniques and showing before/after pictures of your patients who have had their tattoos removed. Visit – best tattoo removal clinic to find out more.

If your signage is bright, attractive, your shop looks professional and you have legible and professionally finished examples of your best work in your shop window it’s almost inevitable that you will attract more foot traffic.

However when all is said and done it is social media sites like Facebook that will attract more custom. It should be said that it is an exercise in futility using the social media if your website is not extremely professional and visitors cannot easily access a gallery of your best work. Also, try to entice people to visit through online discounts – if they can print out a coupon for 10% off their tattoo – they’ll be much more inclined to visit your establishment.