Melbourne’s Top Drama School for Acting & Performing Arts

Why Is Acting Performance Studio Melbourne’s Top Acting & Drama School?

Acting Performance Studio has been in operation for over a decade and continues to gain mass appeal in the world of performance. You might be surprised to know that when you (or your child) takes an acting class or course, they don’t JUST learn acting, but a lot more. This article explains the skills that are taught through acting schools.

Noted as a world-class institution and brand, this is a leading option for anyone hoping to find a leading drama school in this part of Australia. Here are some of the reasons for this institution being a trusted option among professionals and beginners.

Acting Performance Studio includes:

  • Part-Time Classes
  • Full-Time Classes
  • Hollywood Intensive Classes
  • Term Classes
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Casting Director Workshops
  • Music Theater Classes
  • Private Tuition
  • And More!

Full-Time Acting Program

The school offers an all-in-one two-year acting program, which is made to ensure student learn the craft in detail.

This program offers access to some of the finest acting courses and provides a full-fledged option for budding actors to enjoy.

Learn more about the full-time course here


Professional Teachers

What about the teachers at this fine establishment?

Acting Performance Studio is proud to offer top-tier acting instructors with years of experience in the technical aspects of acting and drama. Being able to tap into this wonderful bank of knowledge is something students will appreciate as soon as they apply.

Decades of Expertise

Having spent over 16 years teaching students from all over Australia and the world, this is one of the most proven brands in all of Acting. Students hoping to take the next step in their ability to teach will know it begins here.

If you are seriously considering getting into acting, you actually have quite a few choices available to you in terms of selecting an acting or drama school. Check out some of the top ones:

Fun Environment

The environment is just as important as what’s being taught.

Students should feel at home with the instructors and it should feel like coming to a second home. At Acting Performance Studio, the goal is to offer something that’s truly exceptional, fun-filled and worth the hassle every single day!

Ideal for Beginners

Don’t want to spend time at an institution that takes up too much time and isn’t worth it?

This is a worry some students have when that shouldn’t be the case. It’s all about making sure you are going with something that is ideal for beginners and is going to make life easier, which is the case here!


Acting Performance Studio is well-recognized for supporting its students and this includes offering scholarships.

For the Full Time acting course, two partial scholarships (25%) are offered to qualifying students in search of funding. There is an established standard set for who qualifies and all of these details are dependent upon the student’s current financial position and results. Every detail is taken into account before a final decision is made pertaining to the scholarship and which student deserves it based on merit.

Please note, students are asked to apply for a scholarship in advance of their audition date. This is done to make sure both are taken into account before approval.

Acting Performance Studio remains one of the leaders in acting and offers some of the world’s finest acting courses in Melbourne. It’s a hard-working and meticulous school with years of dedicated expertise in the world of performance. Students in search of a perfect academic option will know it is time to choose this institution.