Website Conversion Tips For Dentists: Conveying Your Trustworthiness Instead of Selling the Features of Your Clinic

Searching online for a dentist will immediately reveal thousands of results that might be relevant to you. All these dentists have invested heavily in their websites, hoping they are going to attract more patients. Nonetheless, very few of them manage to step out from the crowd. These professionals are the winners of the online game. They have understood that patients tend to get very personal when it comes to choosing their dentist. They care less about the features of a clinic and more about how trustworthy the dentist is and how well they can get along together.

That being said, it would be much better for dentists to give up selling state of the art equipment and fancy features on their websites, as most of them offer the same things anyway. It’s more important for dentists to try to find their voice, their unique ability that differentiates them from all their competitors. We live in a world with saturated markets and people who are overwhelmed with advertising messages everywhere they go. It is all around us and most of it, we tune out because we do not have the time to process it all. Kadali Dental is a dentist in Andheri West that has followed exactly this strategy and displayed their review and testimonials on their website instead of highlighting their equipment, clinic or qualifications. For example, this is a review from one of their patients who got a dental implant:

As trustworthiness is one of the parameters that have a major influence on the decision to choose a certain doctor, this is what dentists should emphasize in order to improve their conversion rates. People really care about how they get treated and they trust it when they see reviews and testimonials from other people. This is why highlighting your reviews and getting more reviews will always help with conversion on your website. You can find out more about dental implants at Kadali Dental here: – Dental Implants India

This isn’t any different than any other sales technique. If you want to sell something to a potential customer, you have to identify a real need, and only after that supply your benefits endorsed by features. If you start by enumerating your features, you can be the best of all and still fail to get any patients. Nobody cares about features. People want to know whether you can help them solve a problem, before anything else. So you can see that when Kadali Dental wants to get more patients for dental implants in Mumbai, they understand that they are solving a problem and are focused on solving that problem and conveying that information on their page, rather than conveying how great their clinic is.

What kind of equipment and skills you’ll use to heal them isn’t their focus, so there’s no point in telling them how advanced your technology is and how wonderful your clinic. Since treating them may involve a certain degree of pain, these people fear you instinctively. In order to get them sit on your chair, you have to earn their trust.

As you can see, the best way to increase conversions on your website is by shifting the focus from promoting your equipment and your services to promoting you, the dentist, as a trustworthy professional, always ready to cater to the needs of the patients. When people feel they can trust you, they are more prone to pick you as their personal or family dentist.